Collision Repair

Concours has been a leader in the collision repair industry in Canada by introducing Lean manufacturing processes to our repair processes. This has allowed us to consistently produce quality repairs and highly rated customer service.  Procedures for repairing vehicles are orderly and systematic, following a re-manufacturing style that allows the vehicle to flow through a production line, creating a very dependable and predictable product.

There are 3 main categories of repairs:

Speed Repair – If a Speed Repair is viable for damaged areas, parts are pre-ordered, pre-painted if necessary, and the repairs are completed during a second appointment while you wait.  The Speed Repair offers a very convenient repair experience as there are no rental costs involved.

X-Ray – During your consultation appointment, we may dismantle the damaged areas to determine 100% of the parts required and then reassemble your vehicle so you can continue to drive it while we wait for parts to arrive. The X-Ray process eliminates waiting for hidden parts to arrive and it reduces rental costs.

Conventional – Intended for larger repairs when a complete assessment of the parts required cannot be determined during the consultation appointment. Upon arrival for repairs, the vehicle is dismantled, a complete parts list is determined, a repair plan is generated, structural repairs are completed, and as soon as the parts arrive the vehicle enters the production stages of the repair process.

Please call us to set up a consultation appointment so we can determine the most efficient repair process for your vehicle.