Insurance Tips

Claiming Repair Costs Through Insurance:

Your insurance company has the right to inspect damages to your vehicle and they may assign one of their appraisers to assess the damage.

You are responsible for paying the deductible identified in your policy. The only exception is when your insurance company confirms that the deductible is waived.  This occurs if the third party insurance company accepts liability for the damages.

Once repairs have been completed and the deductible paid, your vehicle is ready for pickup.

Any disagreement between you and your insurance company regarding any part of the damaged area is between you and the insurance company. A formal arbitration process is available to you should you choose to pursue it. The Concours Warranty relates to quality of work only.  Concours has no control over the policies and practices of insurance companies, or the terms and conditions of insurance company policies.

Third Party Insurance Company Process:

A third party claim is when another person is responsible for causing the damages to your vehicle and you are looking to that person, or their insurance company to pay the repair costs.

If there is no authorization from the third party insurance carrier claiming liability, the responsibility for the cost of repairs is entirely yours. It is your responsibility to recover the costs from the other party who might be legally responsible for the damages.

When repairs to your vehicle have been authorized by your insurance company it is your responsibility to pay your policy deductible. The only exception to this is when there is confirmation from your insurance company that the deductible is waived and they will pay the entire repair invoice. This is an indication that the other insurance carrier (the third party insurer) has accepted liability on behalf of their driver.

These tips were developed in partnership with the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)