Insurance Claims

Concours deals with every major insurance company in Canada and is a preferred facility for many insurance companies.  Our motto is “We Take Out The Wrinkles”.  To us that means making the sometimes frustrating and inconvenient process of having your vehicle repaired after an accident a wrinkle free experience.  Let us help you by guiding you through the often confusing claims process.

Selecting A Repair Facility

You have certain rights when you use insurance coverage to have repairs to your vehicle fixed:

  • You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the collision repair facility of  your choice
  • When you select a repair facility, the responsibility of a satisfactory repair rests with you
  • You may need to consider that the facility you select has the specialized equipment required to repair newer model vehicles
  • When you decide on a repair facility, notify your insurance company to advise them where you want your vehicle repaired